How To Soothe Your Baby’s Diaper Rash

Unless you take regular care of your little one’s tushie, you have a recipe for diaper rash waiting to happen. Just put yourself in your baby’s shoes (diapers maybe!) for a minute, and imagine what the poor little pixie’s derriere must feel like.

What with all the pooping, peeing, wiping, chaffing, diapering, not to mention chemical irritants present in soaps and creams. It can mean irritable days and sleepless nights for your baby and you. So for all those mommies out there, read on to know how to keep those red, itchy nasties away from your baby’s bottoms.


Why diaper rash happens

It is a common skin condition that happens to babies in the age group of 3 and 18 months. The first symptom is tiny red bumps that spread fast if not treated immediately. The most common cause of why the rash develops is chafing. When your baby’s sensitive bottom gets rubbed against wet diaper, the red bumps appear. Then the acidic nature of baby’s poop and urine further aggravates the condition. In some cases, your baby may develop a yeast infection, especially when a soiled diaper is left on for long. Even some wipes, especially those with alcohol, or excessive fragrance can irritate the sensitive skin around baby’s bottom.


How to deal with the rash

Prevention is always better than cure, especially when you are dealing with diaper rash. The easiest way of avoiding rashes on your baby’s sensitive skin is to develop a diapering routine.

  • Step up the frequency of diaper changes, and keep asking yourself, “is my baby clean and dry?” Some super-absorbent disposable diapers can soak up everything so your baby can’t even tell when there was a leak.
  • It is important to choose the right diaper size. Avoid very tight-fitting diapers. You should be able to slip your pinky finger in at the waistline when the diaper is on your baby.
  • Let your baby’s bottom dry in between every change. Use a baby wipe or even water soaked cotton pads to wipe away poop and urine. Then let the skin breathe and dry naturally. Pat your baby’s skin dry instead of rubbing it to prevent chaffing.
  • Apply a diaper rash cream if you notice the red rash, or you can even smooth on some baby lotion. Allow the potion to seep into the skin. Avoid rubbing it into your baby’s delicate skin. Sprinkle some baby powder and put a fresh diaper on for a fresh and happy baby.
  • If you notice that the rash is in an aggravated state, then try to leave your baby without a diaper for few hours at a time so that it dries up naturally. You may then need to use medicated anti-rash creams to get rid of it.


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