How To Ensure Your Baby Sleeps Through The Night

So you and your husband are lying awake at night. How do you ensure that your baby sleeps through the night, and you have fewer interruptions?

Your newborn is having trouble sleeping at night. The first 6 months are often the hardest. But often the reverse is true; sometimes when teething happens, your baby will wake up more. Every baby is unique and comes with different sleep patterns, needs, and cycles.

Here are our parenting tips to help your infant sleep like a baby.

1. Feeding before sleep time: Feeding your baby just before bedtime is a tried and tested way of instantly inducing sleep. Feed your baby on time. Whether your baby is bottle-fed or breastfed, it is important to stick to a routine.

2. Clean air: This is a no-brainer, yet a lot of parents forget that the air quality affects your baby’s long-term health. Seriously! And of course, poor air quality means poor sleep quality. The air in your baby’s room should be totally free of smoke, pollutants and dust. The room should be air-conditioned and also dehumidified to ensure your baby sleeps through the night, comfortably.

3. Firm bed: Make sure the mattress in the crib is firm and the sheets are clean and are tightly tucked into the mattress. Avoid using soft foam mattress as small babies can get suffocated in case they turn over and sleep face down into the mattress.

4. Comfy posture: The best sleeping position for babies is on their back, preferably inside a crib they are familiar with, where they feel safe. Your baby’s sleep environment should be free from soft toys and pillows. Take away distractions from your new born’s sleep area, such as teddy bears and fuzzy blankets. If you feel that your baby might get chilly at night, then put on a covered onesie, or gently swaddle your baby, keeping his hands out.

5. Sleep Training: Train them early as possible that the crib means time to snooze. Around 4 to 4½ months, your baby is ready to sleep without waking up in the middle of the night. An infant sleep pattern study [1] shows night-time sleep doubled after 16 weeks. So train your baby by following a rigid bedtime schedule; put him in the crib by 7:30 pm sharp, every single night.

6. Sing Lullabies: Rocking and singing to your baby will help bring on sleep. Whether it is on your lap or inside the crib, rocking and singing a lullaby to your newborn seems to work. This is an ancient remedy to ensure your baby sleeps through the night, and it works!

7. Bed Sharing: When your child outgrows the bassinet, he or she will feel safer nestled in bed with mommy and daddy. Although parents in developed nations have begun to adopt this technique, it has been common practice in ancient cultures like India for centuries. Still, most modern parents prefer not to make a daily habit out of sleeping with their kids, as they may have problems sleeping alone as older children.

8. Room-sharing: Room sharing always beats bed-sharing for newborns. Most babies do not like to transition from the crib to the bed until two or three years of age. You can try to keep your infant in the crib for as long as he is comfy there. But your baby can still share your room. Put the crib at your bedside, and enjoy looking at your newborn smile as he sleeps. Research has revealed that room-sharing protects babies against sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in certain ethnic groups. Another study suggests babies should never sleep alone.


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