Happy Nappy Time For New Dads

We agree that changing diapers can be a messy business, but with little patience and few pointers you can actually become adept at this crucial part of healthy baby rearing. So here are some tips to keep your baby happy at nappy time.

Despite your worst nightmares, you became a different man the moment the nurse handed you that little bundle of joy – the most beautiful being you have ever seen. Being a father to a newborn can be quite stressful because unlike new moms, new dads are a bit more nervous around their babies.

Instead of making a dash for the door, you need to go to your baby, and go the whole way – dress, feed, bathe, soothe, play and change diapers. Yes, you read it right, changing diapers, along with other things helps you bond with your baby, and shows the little one your unconditional love.


Start with…

A regular changing place. You may buy a changing table where you can also store all baby gears too. One big caveat: never ever leave your baby alone on the changing table, accidents happen so easily. So before you place your baby on the changing table, put these close at hand:

  • fresh nappies
  • wipes or a bowl for warm water and some cotton
  • tissues
  • thoroughly washed and dried baby clothes
  • nappy rash cream
  • nappy disposal bin


Step by step…

Step 1: Many new fathers cannot understand why they should clean their hands when all they have to do is change a messy nappy. You must understand that it is not about you. Your hands may carry germs that are harmful for your baby. So, it is always a healthy idea to clean your hands before you touch your baby.

Step 2: Place your baby on a towel or changing table or on a flat surface like a bed or the floor. Make sure that your baby is not in a position to roll over and fall down from the table top. Never leave your baby unattended while changing nappy.

Step 3: Undo the dirty diaper and make sure that they do not stick on the baby. But hold it in place for a moment because babies often have a pee or poo a little more when the cold air touches the diaper covered areas.

Step 4: Now, remove the diaper carefully by pulling it down. Use it to wipe off as much poop as you can. You will need to grab your baby’s ankles firmly but gently and lift his bottom up for further cleaning.

Step 5: Dispose of the soiled nappy immediately. You may use a nappy bin for convenience.

Step 6: Clean the nappy covered area well with warm water, cotton, or wet wipes. If you have a girl child run the wipes from front to back to prevent infections in genital areas. And never pull back a boy child’s foreskin to clean.

Step 7: Gently inspect the nappy area again to make sure that nothing is left to be cleaned.

 Step 8: To prevent nappy rash and 3 am drama, never rub but pat dry the whole area with clean cotton clothes.

Step 9: Gently apply a nappy rash cream that soothes and helps prevent nappy rash and infections.

Step  10: Let air play on your baby’s body for a while before lifting the bottom again holding its ankles and sliding a fresh nappy under.

Step 11: Fasten the nappy (not too tight). Only snug fit required, not tight fit. If you are using old clothes as nappy, make sure that those clothes are sterilised properly.

Step 12: Now smile and cuddle your baby for a while. You should appreciate his/her patience with a big kiss and a gentle hug.

Well done, baby’s dad! You are done!


How do you keep your baby happy at nappy time? Login to comment.

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