5 Best Teething Remedies for a Baby

We all love the toothless, innocent smile of a happy, drooling baby, especially as it is fleeting and will be replaced by tiny little teeth before long. When your baby is about 6 months old, you will need to soothe those aching gums. And you are bound to wonder what are the best, safest and fastest teething remedies. Teething could carry on for a year or more. The first teeth appear around your baby’s first birthday, and your little one should have all her milk teeth by the time she’s two-and-a-half to three years old. Read on if you want to know more about the safest and best teething remedies for your baby.

First, let’s look at the causes of teething in babies.

Teething symptoms in toddlers can be due to a combination of any of the following:

  • Crankiness or irritability
  • Inability to sleep
  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive drooling
  • And a desire to chew anything within reach!


My baby is starting to teeth, how do I soothe the pain?

Every caring mother has asked herself this question at least once. Our recommendation is to try a combination of various teething remedies, that are natural and safe.

  1. Ice Ice Baby!

Cold is one of the oldest natural teething remedies. Just take care before you go freezing random items for your baby to chew on. Make sure the item is safe for your baby’s delicate mouth, soft gums and does not choke the infant; maybe pick a cold washcloth.

  1. Gum Massage

Using slight pressure, lightly massage your baby’s gums with a clean finger. Better still, let the baby gnaw away at your plump finger! This is a very simple way to bring relief with a mommy’s (or daddy’s) magic touch.

Using a special baby gum brush like Pigeon Baby Toothbrush Set can also do the trick. Tea and ice are said to be natural teething soothers. So you can dip your finger in ice first or a cup of cold chamomile, decaffeinated tea.

  1. Teething Tablets

This all-natural teething go-to solution has been around for decades. It appears to be safe, gives fast relief, and also reduces tenderness and ease your baby’s crankiness.

  1. Teething Rings and Toys

The most popular choices to relieve your baby’s for teething woes are soft, chewable products. Some of the top teething toys are easy to find nowadays. Try shopping for pacifiers, teethers and soothers to bring relief to your crying baby’s sore gums.

For delicate gums and new teeth, fruit teethers, such as Pigeon Teether Fruit – H3 is perfect as a first-time soother, while the Pigeon Silicone Pacifier Step-3 Butterfly is more appropriate for 8 months and older infants. Smaller babies find rattle-cum-teethers more attractive, while older babies may prefer wooden teethers, and pacifiers are best for calming a crying baby. Test a couple of different ones out at first, instead of buying a whole lot, remembering that they should be attractive, made of durable silicone rubber, and be safe for your baby.

  1. Solid Food

One of the safest solutions to teething pains for babies is to try to feed with solid food. Harder foods like chilled cucumber and carrot would work well. But don’t leave your baby alone- keep an eye on your baby while feeding. Solid food may be one of the easiest and safest teething remedies ever!


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Do you have any teething remedies or parenting tips to share with us?

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